Praying for the Animas River

On Aug. 5th, the Animas River in Colorado was contaminated by 1,000,000 gallons of toxic water from an abandoned mine. The horror of this beyond comprehension. A news report warned local residents not to drink the water for a few days. The amount of toxins will take more than a few days to clear, if they ever will. The river is now a sickening shade of yellow.

I pray for a miracle. I pray that someone will be able to repair this damage. Perhaps Dr. Paul Stamets has some miraculous mushrooms that can clean the extreme levels of toxicity from the water.

It is hard not to feel like a victim. This incident strengthened my resolve to place more crystals in water, to sing louder to the rivers and trees and to radiate as much light as I can to the water on this planet.

I had told a friend of mine about the crystal grid water healing project. He laughingly said “Can you please work with the DuPage River?” He loves to kayak and this is the closest, largest river in the area. “Of course.” I replied.  One of its branches runs through my favorite forest preserve. I had meant to place a crystal there months ago but had never gotten to it.

Between the news of the Animas and a recent trip out of town, I felt a compelling need to go to this river with an offering. My connection with the Earth would help create grounding for my spirit as I transitioned back from vacation.

I left first thing in the morning, wanting to go while it was still cool out. The prairie was at the height of its growth with many plants being taller than me. I stopped on the bridge crossing the river to make my offering. The wind carried the tobacco gently to the surface of the water. I programmed the crystal and dropped it into the running water. It felt right, knowing that the water washing over the crystal would spread its light most effectively. I sang to the river, to the four directions, above, below and center. I played my flute to the exquisite wildflowers that swayed in the golden light of the morning.

IMG_0723 IMG_0722 IMG_0721

I continued along the path. I tried to take the usual shortcut, but the growth was too thick. I took a smaller path off of the gravel bike path to wind my way through the meadow. The sweet scent of wildflowers carried on the morning breeze was heavenly. As I entered the forest, I greeted Grandfather Oak, who guards the entrance. He has had a rough couple of years losing many large limbs to the intense storms of summer. Summer’s growth prevented me from being able to give him a gift of tobacco. I played a short song on my flute as the mosquitoes encouraged me along my way.


Farther along the path, I said hello to the green man the Burr Oak. This year’s growth has changed his face very little. The deeper into the forest I went, the narrower the path became. I continued until I came to the place where a burial mound had been reconstructed. The growth was too dense to get close enough to leave an offering near the mound, so I left tobacco at a nearby oak tree and played a song for the ancestors there.

As I returned along the same path, I felt the power of the river as I approached it. A song came to me:  “See the healing Waters flowing, filled with light, filled with love. See the healing Waters flowing, nurturing the planet.” As I walked and sang, I thought about all the crystals I had placed and felt this song flowing through them.

As the trees are our lungs, so the rivers are our veins carrying the essence of life. Let the light of love flow through veins of our planet being, growing stronger with each breath.


Crystals in Hocking Hills, OH

During the first week of August, we held our first family reunion with the new generation. My mother was christened with the title “Babi”, the highest honor given to the matriarch of our family of Bohemian descent. I decided I would let my granddaughter Charlotte pick my grandma name. Maybe that’s just a way of delaying the inevitable.

We rented three cabins at the Hocking Hills state forest, a lovely area southeast of Columbus, Ohio. Set in the foothills of the Appalachians, there are many lovely canyons, rock formations and waterfalls. Tourist season was in full swing but the areas were so beautiful it didn’t matter. I played my Native American flute with all my heart. The spirit of nature is so strong there. And it’s fun to hear the notes bouncing off of the stones and rock walls. I played for the ancestors, the ones who loved this land first. I also filled up a nice-sized sack of trash. It makes me very sad that the state parks don’t recycle in Ohio and that people are so unconscious about what they leave behind.

I placed one of the crystals at Old Man’s Cave. I gave an offering of tobacco and placed the crystal in a shallow pool by the running creek. This will be a powerful place to amp up the water healing crystal grid. People were so happy to be in these beautiful surroundings it will help feed energy to the crystal which will connect to all the other crystals doing this work.

Crystal in the water at OMCCrystal at OMC

The next day we visited Ash Cave. There were several long trenches of ash, 200 feet to 300 feet long, 5 – 6 feet wide found on the site. A quarter mile trail through a canyon with sandstone walls up to 90 feet high ended in a large hollowed out area. The overhang provided good shelter for the ancient ones. As I played, I felt the vibrations of the sound being absorbed into the canyon walls, in resonance with the songs of the ancestors.


I hadn’t thought about it but people could hear the music as they were walking along the trail, notes of a mysterious source as they neared the end of the canyon. A little girl commented to my brother that she thought it was Indian spirits. There is no greater compliment.

There was a large cluster of boulders, 30 feet high perhaps in the center of the clearing. Several large trees grew among the rocks. I climbed up and sat on one of the boulders. It had a fairly level flat surface which would be ideal for ceremonies, if not for the constant flow of visitors. I sat and played there for the ancestors. It brought me such joy!

When I finished I thought about placing another crystal. As I climbed down, which was fortunately not a difficult task, I past a tree and noticed a small hollowed opening in its trunk. “Put the crystal there!” a little voice said. I checked in with this to see if it felt right in my heart and it did. With one hand I dug through my bag and found the small pouch of crystals. I reached into it, pulling a random one out. I looked at it in the clear sunlight of the day. It was exquisite! It had a five sided window, perfectly symmetrical, the perfect offering for Venus. At first I didn’t want to let go of the crystal. But then I realized how powerful it would be in this place and what a special connection it would have in my heart. I placed some tobacco at the foot of the tree offering gratitude for these beautiful surroundings, for the beautiful day. I charged the crystal to delete all toxicity and radiate healing love. I sang a song to the tree and reluctantly rejoined my family to continue on our way

Ash Cave CrystalAsh Cave Crystal in TreeAsh Cave Crystal Tree 2

I am so grateful to have this portal to this magical place. I know I will journey here often.

Metaphysically Fit

One of the highlights of summer is attending local festivals. For the past several years our schedule has been too busy to get to any. But this year there was a break in the action and the last Saturday in July was free. We found a gathering called “Metaphysically Fit” being held in a small town 40 miles southwest of Chicago along the Fox River.

The musical lineup was perfect for our taste. The day started with a gong bath, then a sitar player, kirtan group, drum circle, reggae band, bluegrass band and closed with the band Rusted Root. I wasn’t thrilled about being outside all day in 90° weather, but we brought plenty of water and stayed out of the sun.

There were many other activities going on besides the entertainment. There were yoga classes, vendors selling crafts and services, a variety of psychic readers and lots for the little kids to do. Bubbles danced with a beautiful rose scented incense in the breeze.

The atmosphere of the day made it even more special. There was an air of freedom and respect held by all. People danced when the music took them, smiled from the heart when greeting a stranger and shared generously with all they had.  There was no judgment.  Everyone was accepted and honored for who they were.

It was easy for me to slip away for a little while and sit with the river.  No one would think twice about an odd lady singing to the river, making gifts of tobacco and crystals while dangling her toes in the rushing water.

I threw the Himalayan crystal as far as I could into the wide expanse of water. It was actually a decent throw. Along with the program to delete radiation and radiate health and balance, I put in the love and acceptance I felt in that moment.  There is big love in the water!


The power of the river held me.  I experienced the same gravitational pull as I had earlier this summer.  “Is it possible to be in love with Rivers?” I asked my husband when we got home late that evening. I knew it was an odd question but it seemed to be the best way to describe the connection I feel with running water.


Take Me to the River

As Saturn was backing into Scorpio many dark waters were stirred. For some reason I was having a bout of holiday blues, even though it was only 4th of July. I had been doing my best to process the emotions that were coming up, allowing them to surface, be expressed and then heal. And they kept coming and coming and coming. Thank you Scorpio. Can I have some more?

I wanted to see fireworks, to picnic and party but the kids (adults) were out of town, close friends were busy and I didn’t feel like being around crowds of people. Then I remembered an invite I saw on Facebook from a woman I greatly respect and adore. She and her beloved have a small cabin on the Fox River.

I haven’t had much life experience with rivers; plenty of lakes and oceans but not flowing water. It sounded like medicine for my soul. The water spirits spoke loud and clear “Bring a crystal!”. Arrangements were made and we were welcomed with open arms.

It was a perfect day for sitting by the river. There were lots of people out in canoes and kayaks. I waited for a lull and then went to the edge of the river. I sang a little song of thanks to the water. I blessed and programmed the crystal and tossed it into the water along with some tobacco.

2015-07-04 17.15.19

The rest of the day was spent sitting on the deck, chatting with new friends and simply watching the river. Its energy almost had a physical pull to it, as if the continuous motion collected and generated a subtle magnetism. My spirit was soothed by the motion. The river carried away all of the heaviness, the fatigue of the inner work I had done over the past week. I surrendered it all to the water and it flowed away, swirling in with the cotton tree seeds.

At dusk I broke away and wandered down the gravel road looking for a good view to the west. Venus (Inana) the sinking quickly into the haze of twilight.  Jupiter, five days past their union, was obscured by the light of Sol. Their cosmic union still rang in the air and called to my heart. The pale pink of sunset held a far greater beauty than any of the fireworks that an already started.

2015-07-04 20.53.13

The day ended with a small drum circle around a fire.  The rhythms were gentle and heart-felt.  My flute took on a life of its own, singing to the spirits of the woods and river a song of apology for all of the fireworks.  The music carried prayers of calming to all the animals who were shaken and to all of the veterans who struggle with this incendiary custom.

We drove home through the open countryside just as darkness was complete. Fireworks went off in all directions, in varying degrees of distance. Yet again Mother Nature trumped the evening as the waning moon in veils of scarlet rose grandly against the silhouette of a barn.  She will always prevail.

2015-07-04 23.02.48

Solstice Grid Expansion

The crystal water grid continues to expand. Celebrations for summer solstice presented more opportunities for placing crystals.

Friday, I met with a small group of women for our annual solstice gathering. This year we met at a forest preserve along the Salt Creek late in the day. We have had an unusual amount of rain this year and the area that I wanted to gather at was flooded out. We settled on a more public spot along the creek, just off of the path. There were a few passersby, some very curious and others smiling, continuing on their way. Before we began our celebration I blessed and programmed the crystal and tossed it in the water along with a gift of tobacco. During our celebration I could feel my link with this crystal along with the others.

2015-06-19 18.12.41

2015-06-19 19.21.01

Our ceremony was quite moving. We did a meditation focusing on our own radiance. We connected with all of our ancestors who have celebrated this season. We connected with the ancient builders of the stone monuments that honor this time. We felt into our place on this planet noticing how we are tipped towards our star, Sol. As we called upon the strength of the sun, I could feel the grid being filled with light, energizing my intention of deleting all radiation and toxins and creating a state of health and balance. The sun was setting as we completed our ritual, just as the day transformed into the magical time of twilight.

On the drive home, Luna and Venus made a spectacular alignment, with Jupiter adding to the wondrous view as the sky darkened. It truly felt like a gift from the heavens.

2015-06-19 21.30.59

The next day we headed off to Starved Rock State Park for our annual drum circle. I took two crystals with, one to place in the pool at the waterfall and the other to place in the Illinois River. I chose bigger crystals and these are very powerful places.

Our hike into Ottawa Canyon was difficult due to all the mud. It was a steamy summer day and the cool green of the forest brought relief from the abundant sunshine. I set up the altar as we prepared for our circle. I placed both crystals on the altar. As soon as things were set up I felt the strongest urge to offer the crystal to the water. Again I blessed and programmed the crystal, tossing it into the center of the pool followed by a gift of tobacco.  I realized after I did this that I hadn’t taken a picture of the crystal.  I must be getting better at releasing.

2015-06-20 15.44.21

We created sacred space and sang, danced and drummed to celebrate the longest day. The ancestor energy is so strong in the canyons! Sunlight danced across the far canyon wall and at one point you could almost see the fairies dancing with us. It was a very moving experience for everyone.

We picnicked along the Illinois River afterwards with a fabulous potluck dinner. As hungry as I was, I knew I needed to place the last crystal. I went off by myself to the water’s edge. With two days worth of growing energy I filled the crystal with my intentions and offered it to the mighty river. The tobacco was carried away quickly into the river’s currents.

2015-06-20 15.46.38

2015-06-20 18.17.27

We ended of the day watching storm clouds gather in the West, filled with the immense beauty of Nature. This immense heart energy flows through the crystal grid along with the solstice light. How can this not heal the water?

2015-06-20 19.11.44 HDR

A New Way to Ground

Recently I read an article written by my cousin in England. She has channeled information for many, many years and this is her most recent offering.

Her writing suggests a new way to ground ourselves. I have used grounding techniques for the better part of three decades. How could there be something new? When I read her article, at first I felt challenged, like I was doing it wrong. Brushing my bruised ego aside I continued to read. When she described how easily Gaia’s energy flows effortlessly into animals I got a new sense of my presence on this planet.

I closed my eyes and just noticed gravity. Immediately I could feel the planetary energy holding me so sweetly in place. I was instantly grounded. What a shift! I no longer need to push my roots down through the earth, through the darkness, past the barriers to reach the Heart of Mother.

By just being present and observing the gravity that holds me in place, I am grounded and connected. Who says you can’t teach an old which new tricks!


Tree at Avebury, May 2011

The cool gray of afternoon holds the rain scented breeze with the gentle touch of early summer.

If you listen, you can hear the plants growing, unfurling, sprouting, expanding.

Earth energy swells in verdant expression and will fill every available space.

Tree Altar of the North 2015-06012